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About GWI Curative Wellness

Brief History

The trend, level and magnitude of dissatisfaction amongst the general populace with conventional medicine and the abysmal failure of modern pharmaceutical drugs and therapies  is moving more and more people towards natural and alternative medicine.

Idea of Get Well Insight (GWI) was first conceived in 2003 by the founder out of his sheer frustration, seeing so many people and their loved ones suffer and sometimes die needlessly. GWI, running since 2015, under the umbrella of complimentary and holistic medical practice, eventually gave birth to GWI Curative Wellness that is now operating in Nigeria.

GWI Curative Wellness brings together the combined expertise and years of technical know-how of its founding members and their collaborative partners, in the field of plant-based healing modalities, powerful alkaline botanical, holistic healthcare, design of novel medical devices and functional cellular medicine; a paradigm shift that is aimed at reducing unnecessary human sufferings from illnesses and diseases.

Purpose & Vision

GWI Curative Wellness, as the name implies, is existing as a credible, drugless and non-invasive healthcare service provider; a real and worthy option to conventional medical treatment paradigm. Our goal is to become a flagship and household name in Africa and the world at large, in the specialised field of curative healing through the applications of plant-based protocols and Functional Cellular Medicine.

GWI Curative Wellness vision is plain and simple….

 “To create an atmosphere of healthcare platform that promotes, assures and delivers 3600 healing of human body through the practical application of non-invasive drugless and plant-based functional cellular medicine”.

Mission Statement

“To create, design, develop and deploy novel botanical protocols that stimulate and nurture the human body toward total wellness and healing of diseases through individualised and patient focused holistic therapies, functional cellular medicine and novel medical healing machines and devices. This approach calls for a shift in paradigm on the part of healthcare providers, from that of ‘control and conquer’, to that of ‘respect and submission’ to the superiority and wisdom of the creator of the human body, thus working with the body to heal itself. This brings to the fore a platform that attracts, employs and deploys the best experts, techniques and devices with no hidden known or unknown aggressive and adverse side-effects that characterises some pharmaceutically based medicine, giving the practitioners, the patients and their loved ones unparalleled satisfaction and intended healing results they all deserve”.

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GWI Goal Statement

Our goal is to offer the best treatment option and platform available for treating all manner of illnesses and diseases outside conventional medicine, thus giving people solace and real hope from all pains associated with disease and ill-health.

Ultimately with five years, we aim to become the best functional cellular medicine specialist and healthcare provider that people go to when it comes to dealing with major health conditions and illnesses, instead of seeking to travel abroad for specialist care or surgery.

GWI Core Values

GWI employs unique core values

R&D. For any performance driven medical services, research and development activity is not optional or something to pay lip service to, it’s key. Here GWI Curative Wellness prides itself in being very active in R&D, with its drive centred on creative healing development activities, pushing the frontiers of cellular medicine for medical breakthroughs and innovation.

Focused Collaboration. As it is often said, two good heads are better than one. GWI strongly holds the view of focused collaboration of like-minded practitioners and healthcare service providers but with a difference. Those to whom healthcare is being given must form the core or centre piece of all collaborative activities, efforts and goals. Our referral system for acquisition of new patients and clients is designed and geared toward this very end.


Integrity. We value and appreciate the expertise of diverse disciplines necessary for preventive healthcare and disease treatment. Consequently, our management team focuses on attracting the best skills and expertise in various medical disciplines and associated field of knowledge, especially for collaborative efforts, including those relating to alkaline plants, structured alkaline water, medical machines and devices. The watch word for our staff members is therefore integrity.

Communication – a Critical Success Factor. A significant factor that will no doubt impact on the experience and the results patients get is that of the disposition and ability of the medical experts and healthcare providers to listen compassionately, absorb and discern what the patient is saying when trying to analyse the state of disease or illness of the particular patient. In functional cellular medicine, the fundamental principle and modality of healing is the fact that it is the body that heals itself. Therefore, the job of the medical expert is to understand each person’s unique set of circumstances and conditions, and make informed deductions from the stories the patient relates as to what the body needs, in order to effortlessly and timely execute the repair and healing actions it was designed and created to carry out. To know the patient’s current state and where he/she wants to be, the practitioner must truly listen and comprehend what they are telling him/her from the perspective of a loving and compassionate servant of the patient, and not as an ‘almighty’ medical expert. We train and continue to develop our staff members to cultivate this mindset and mental attitude.


Embracive Inclusion. Family unit and human society is an embracive system of connectivity and inclusion. When one part of the system is diseased, all the other parts suffer as a consequence. Therefore involving practitioners, the patients and their loved ones (family members, relatives and friends) in any developed healthcare programme is a facet of healing GWI does not underestimate or compromise on. So we warmly welcome inputs, suggestions and collaboration from all, including the members of the community in which we operate.


Continuous Learning. When you stop learning, diminishing return sets in and eventually ‘death’ in terms of capacity, capability and competence. Therefore GWI Curative Wellness is absolutely committed to always and eagerly learning from its interactions and involvement with everything and everyone that comes into its sphere of influence and operations. There is no exception to this commitment, from the CEO down to the lowest member of staff, we’re all on a continuous learning journey and curve; this happens on a daily basis and covers both what we do well in and what we do so well in. The learning aspect of our work involves formal and informal ‘on-the-job’ and ‘on-the-go’ education so as to improve and perform better.

GWI’s Successful team on various kinds of treatment regimes.

GWI Curative Wellness have had a series of successful treatment of severe and chronic disease and conditions locally within Nigeria since its first presence in Nigeria back in 2015. These include;

  • Stage 4 cancer,
  • stroke,
  • severe high blood pressure,
  • renal failure,
  • fibroids and diabetes… to state but just a few.

Key Processes at GWI using novel devices that aid the body to heal itself

The key aspect of GWI processes is the bespoke manufacture of treatment protocols using alkaline plants. Why is this so important? The reason is very simple and yet elegant in nature and it is the fact that we, as living beings, are electrical. For any materials to be useful for human body to take, it has to have chemical affinity for the body, in other words, the materials must be electrical. The only way to achieve that is through natural botanical which that have complete structure and are electrical; that’s what alkaline plants offer us. ‘Life comes out of life’ and never from any inorganic substances.


The second side of that coin is the use of novel devices that aid the body to heal itself. These devices generate healing resonance or frequencies that stimulate and revitalise the body but at the cellular level of life. These two aspects form the foundation of all therapies of drugless medicine that give GWI Curative Wellness deploys, affording it its uniqueness and unequal competitive advantage.

Presently, GWI is going through a major restructuring with the aim of automating the bulk of the processes associated with managing its healthcare programmes, and its ever increasing patient numbers. Currently 45 staff members strong, GWI enjoys the harmony and synergy that cuts across all of its workforce and collaborative partners. The company is now embarking on a full swing operation, expansion and growth strategy implementation, including a local specific online presence, in order to made its unique healthcare services available to a wider audience. This will become visible and evident in weeks, months and years to come in terms of scope and depth of its healthcare programme and facilities.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive and unique services to meet the needs of everyone from adults, seniors to pediatric patients. Our team of professional health specialists are experienced in providing personalized medical treatment & care, rehabilitative therapy and companion assistance.

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Our health specialists at GWI have strived together to meet the healthcare needs of the general populace through a non-invasive cellular healthcare delivery system that is cost effective and quality driven. Our approach to disease treatment is unique & highly efficient

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