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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the general and common questions that most people ask when considering registration with GWI as a patient. Do read through to see if your own immediate questions have already been addressed and/or answered in the FAQs.

However, if not or you’re still not satisfied with any of the answers given, don’t hesitate to contact our patient support either through the online chat or by sending an email to patientsupport@gwi.ng if you an existing patient or to info@gwi.ng for all new enquirers, and your needs or questions shall be attended to as quickly as possible.

Want To Know About GWI?

GWI stands for Get Well Insight. The insight on the human anatomy and the essence of life formation based on hydrogen, oxygen and carbon are the underlying principle that shapes what GWI does and stands for.

Essentially this means medical approach of dealing with illnesses and diseases at the fundamental unit of life – the CELL. The curative aspect refers to the inherent ability of the living cell to heal or cure itself of any disease.

Treatment protocol refers to the botanical compounds that are manufactured and prepared using natural plants designed for treating an illness rather than employing any pharmaceutical based medicine or prescription drugs.

The main difference between the two is that GWI protocol is natural substance derived solely from plants, whereas prescription drugs are based on chemicals synthesized or made in a laboratory. Natural plant based protocol is electrical (i.e. has chemical affinity for human body for assimilation), whereas man-made drugs are not electrical (i.e. no chemical affinity with the living cell and are therefore very difficult to be assimilated by the body); a very big difference.

About Our Treatment Protocols!

The experience and results of many of GWI patients are clear and more than sufficient evidence that proves that the botanical protocols do work.

Simply put, a GWI treatment protocol works on the basis of providing the raw electrical materials (botanical) that the body needs to heal itself. The infinite wisdom of the creator built into the living cells provides the secret and the mechanics by which any illness the body is experiencing is addressed and resolved at the basic unit of life, right within the cellular system.

GWI treatment protocols should not be confused with that of any conventional medical procedures. GWI offers treatment procedures that are at the forefront of novel medical breakthroughs and advanced integrative and complimentary medicine centered on non-invasive pedigree.
For better clarity, here are some of the unique features and the benefits of the GWI treatment protocols, and the rationale for its none use of synthetic and pharmaceutical drugs in treating diseases and illnesses:

  • GWI designs, manufactures and owns the rights to the unique medical devices it uses in its operation.
  • GWI creates, procures and produces the proprietary compounds that are employed in treating illnesses and diseases such as malaria and typhoid fevers for example, as well as in the preparation of other treatment regimes.
  • Typically, the medical protocols that GWI uses in treating its patients are novel and unique to GWI practice.
  • The core principle underpinning the use of only plant-based protocol in addressing illnesses and diseases is what can simply be stated as “Life Comes Out of Life” and only such modality can offer chemical affinity between ingested compounds aimed to assist the body to heal itself. Life cannot come from and out of inorganic compounds because of lack of that electrical chemical affinity with the living cells.
  • Above all, the treatment protocols get rid of body toxicity at the cellular level resulting in near zero re-occurrence of the associated diseased state.
  • Each patient or person is different and is treated as such; as an individual. Therefore GWI never adopts the “one jacket fits all” approach in any of its healthcare and wellness treatment protocols.
  • This kind of treatment protocol in use is, in many cases, unique to GWI and may not be available somewhere else in Nigeria outside the GWI practice.

This will depend on the kind of disease or illness you’re being treated for, how long you have been suffering from the condition and what kind of treatment you have received and/or currently receiving before coming to GWI treatment programme. As a rule of thumb, most of GWI patients see positive and visible results within a relatively small time period from when they commence GWI treatment, some as quick as in a few hours and some others in few days, few weeks or few months.

Generally no adverse effects. This is because GWI protocols are based on natural compounds, they have no real or serious negative side-effects, especially when usage instructions are followed and applied. This is not to say that there may not be any side-effects or reactions, but these are often not negative and very mild and only for short time period (see Healing Crisis).

This is one aspect of treatment that most people either don’t really know much about or truly understand and often can be totally misinterpreted. Healing Crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms after administration of treatment protocols before the patient improves. It’s not something to dread but welcome as it signifies that the treatment is working and doing what it was intended; heal the body of illness.

GWI treatment protocols are not drugs or synthetic chemicals and therefore there are no withdrawal symptoms or adverse side-effects if you stop taking them, they contain no addictive compounds or components whatsoever.

No, you cannot as each treatment protocol is created to be specific to each person’s individual nature and circumstances, each of us are as unique as our finger marks even though we all share common anatomy makeup and features.

The opinion on whether one treatment is more expensive when compared with that of another can be subjective, and much will also depend on the actual end results obtained. In the case of GWI treatment, people have viewed it as a much better value for money when they weigh the outcome of their treatment and compare it with that of conventional treatment. GWI stands head over shoulder higher and better than comparable conventional medical treatment.

Booking An Appointment

Either you are a potential new or an existing patient, you can book a medical appointment at any time either by going online at https://www.gwi.ng/appointment/ or by calling the booking numbers on 08181462994 or 08145861036.

The simple answer is yes, though you can still find good information on our website that may answer most of your questions, but for expert guidance and assistance as to the best course of action you need to take, an appointment is necessary and advised.

Time is the most precious and valuable asset we as humans possess. The time spent by our professional staff members in attending to the needs of individual patients must be adequately accounted and paid for by the services being rendered. Hence, it is ethical and business-like to charge reasonable fees for for allocated time that a specialist spends attending to a patient. This also serves a double purpose as a deterrent to time-wasters; people that will arrange and book for an appointment but won’t show up for the scheduled appointments.

Booked appointment is only valid for the day and time booked for and is not transferable. Once an appointment is booked and scheduled, GWI resources are already allocated for that appointment. We encourage patients to ensure that they keep their scheduled appointments if they don’t want to lose their payment fee.

Please refer to the Patients’ Policy document and GWI Terms & Conditions for treatment for current charges.

How We Work

Any new patient has to undertake the GWI screening conducted via a review questionnaire to ascertain if there is a good fit between the medical needs of the potential patient and what GWI can offer. This procedure aims to achieve two primary functions, one is that of educating the potential patient as to what to expect from GWI healthcare programme, especially since the treatment protocols may be unfamiliar and also very different from what the potential patient may know or is used to. Second, it allows GWI to assess and gauge the will of the patient to stick with the course of treatment as well as his/her ability to follow through with often rigorous procedures. That way, value time and expense on the part of either parties are not wasted on something that will not bring gains or yield the desired positive

Once the new applicant successfully sails through the screening process as to fitness for GWI treatment regime and the patient’s ability to meet all costs involved fully is ascertained, then the potential patient is given an application form to complete and get registered as a GWI patient.

After registration, working with the patient, a bespoke GWI Healthcare Plan, that is time-bound as well as tied into a set of specific actions and metrics, is created. This is unique and specific to the patient.

It depends on what kind of emergency case is involved. For instance where a life support machine may be needed in an emergency, or immediate surgical operation is advised, GWI will not accept or deal with such matters. The main reason why GWI does not accept emergency cases is because botanical based treatment may not help in cases where fast acting or immediate relief action is paramount to a patient’s survival as botanical protocols need time to penetrate into the cellular structure where they perform their curative works. The exception to this general stand is where GWI experts believe that it is in the best interest of the patient involved to be accepted for treatment by GWI in a particular circumstances because of the unique advantage of GW treatment regime that may not be available in conventional practice. This take-on only occurs after efforts had been applied to stabilise the patient’s condition, maybe through convention medical approach.

Yes, but this is by prior arrangement and contract agreement. Check with GWI staff for further details.

Majority of GWI patients are referred by existing patients or are coming from
other medical practitioners and major hospitals, especially the so-called “hopeless” medical cases that are referred by other medical practices.

GWI has wealth of experience and almost impeccable track record in treating various illnesses and diseases including, but not limited to:

  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Low Blood Pressure.
  • Kidney Stones.
  • Kidney (Renal) Failure & Disease (CKD).
  • Liver Disease.
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • Fibroids.
  • Female Hormonal Imbalance.
  • Female Menstrual Problems (Cramps, Pains, Heavy Bleeding, Irregular Cycle)
  • Female Infertility
  • Male & Female Infertility
  • Male Enlarged Prostate
  • Drugless Natural Family Planning
  • Cancer (All Types and Stages)
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Diabetes (Types I & II)
  • Malaria Fever
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Yellow Fever
  • Ulcers (Bleeding, Peptic etc)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lasa Fever
  • Ebola
  • Major Chronic & Terminal Diseases.

NB: Please take note that GWI healthcare programmes and healthcare services are not limited to those illnesses and conditions listed above. We deal with all sorts of ill-health conditions and various chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s advisable to first check with us before discarding the thought of exploring what GWI can do to help you in any particular case.
GWI accepts new patients on ‘case-by-case’ basis only after an initial appraisal and consultation review. The reason for this is because individual cases are unique and different. GWI doesn’t adopt the conventional approach of “one jacket fits all” when it comes to dealing with illnesses and diseases. Therefore treatment are bespoke and patient specific in nature and application.

GWI does not follow the orthodox approach to dealing with ill-health and chronic diseases. Though it fully embraces the principle and practice of integrative medicine, its modality of healthcare is however biased toward non-invasive, cellular medicine as this offers far greater benefits of aiding the body to heal itself at the lowest functional level of life. This also brings additional benefits of rapid recovery, offering the patients long-term freedom for relapses of illnesses.

Therefore the expertise and professional qualifications of the GWI core medical staff include cellular medicine, natural medicine, holistic health practitioners, modern nutrition technology, advanced herbal medicine and quantum medicine. The GWI staff members length of practice and exposure in their respective fields ranges from 5 to over 35 years with a combined years of experience in excess of a century. Many as served in various medical establishments including the military at very senior levels.

GWI has 13 Integrative Medical Doctors/Consultants in support of its patients’ healthcare programs. Thus enabling easy and free access to breakthrough in medical science and procedures that are central to the bespoke healthcare solutions that GWI offers on critical and chronic illnesses. This makes these solutions unique and specific to each patient as individuals.

Currently GWI operates an “Out-patient” type of services, and doesn’t admit patients like a typical hospital does for two primary reasons.

First is because the customized treatment protocol for each patient doesn’t involve the usual invasive procedures such as surgery, chemo therapy etc. GWI usually takes over a patient from after they have been diagnosed with a given condition (that is if patient isn’t already on GWI preventative healthcare programme) or have been disappointed by the lack of desired results from conventional medical treatment. So the diagnosis and various test results obtained by the patient from their GP and hospital then form the starting point for GWI treatment and healthcare plan.
The second reason is because generally and in most cases, the GWI treatment to be administered can easily be taken or followed by patients at their own homes or locations with very little or no direct supervision by GWI medical staff.

Therefore what is required is only regular scheduled visits to GWI Centre for monitoring and routine check-ups, making it cost effective and beneficial for patients and their family members. The only exception to this is in the cases of special and chronic or severe conditions where frequent and rigorous monitoring is required. In this instance, a special arrangement is put in place in the patients care plan with the approval from GWI management in close discussion with the patients and their relatives, that allows such close monitoring to take place still in the patients home with a dedicated GWI medical staff.

However if cases are such that they require surgery or invasive procedure, these are either referred to conventional hospitals or medical facilities or the cases are declined altogether by GWI because our core competence does not involve surgery but rather is centered on drug-less medicine and non-invasive medical treatments.

NB: There is solid medium to long-term plans for extending the GWI healthcare services to include patient admissions within special and purpose built Cellular Medicine Facility in Nigeria.

GWI is a dedicated, private and specialized health care service provider based in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Its core value is centered on healthcare performance delivery of all the bespoke care plans and programs it runs. At GWI Centre, our approach for treating diseases and illnesses is based on non-invasive disease targeted, patient specific medical paradigm.
This anchors on the fundamental premise that disease occurs primarily at cellular level, the basic unit of life, and always manifesting itself in the form of compromised mucus membrane of the particular part of the body that is diseased. This particular route GWI takes in dealing with the state of disease is also fundamentally geared towards aiding the body to heal itself at the cellular level, giving it the right materials it requires in the right amount.

We believe in the simple truth that it is the body that heals itself, essentially making the job of the physicians to be that of raw materials providers in order to facilitate the healing process. This provides the best avenue for achieving not only quick recovery from an illness but also an optimal state of health post-recovery in an efficient and effortless way possible.
This route essentially involves the use of bio-available (electric) organic materials (botanical) alongside the specialised electrotherapy medical devices being employed in treating any particular illness or condition, rather than using inorganic and synthetic pharmaceutical-based drugs and/or procedures.
In essence, GWI invests in and relies heavily on sourcing and partly growing the alkaline botanical materials it uses in the preparations of its own novel and unique plant-based medicinal protocols, with special and very careful attention being paid to these raw materials through specialised organic farming and plantation in strategic locations across the globe. GWI also develops, designs and manufactures its own unique and proprietary electrotherapy medical devices for use in its operations. GWI does not use or employ prescription drugs or medicines in addressing illnesses and diseases, but rather, employs holistic approach to wellness and disease treatment.

That means that GWI generally doesn’t follow or use any of the so-called conventional methods and treatment therapies. Its working principle and philosophy is based on the fundamental premise that every human should enjoy excellent health through having access to non-invasive medical procedures and treatments that have no known, unknown or hidden dangers and adverse side effects. And this ultimate goal is achieved through the application and/or use of botanical and bio-electric organic materials in conjunction with its proprietary electronic medical devices.

The primary reason for this is because GWI is established to be performance driven. In our candid opinion, there is no better way to appraise how well that goal is being met than to make satisfied patients and clients the main source of GWI growth and repeat business because there is a direct correlation between clients satisfaction and their willingness and unsolicited inclination to spread the news about the services to others; If they are not convinced that they got value for money or achieved their desired wellness result, the probability of referring others to GWI will be very small, if not zero.

For full details of treatment fees and charges, please refer to GWI Treatment Policy, Terms & Conditions, Fees and Charges.

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