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Cellular & Integrative Medicine Specialists

Cellular & Integrative Medicine Specialists

Our Cellular & Integrative Medicine group of specialists’ role and expertise form the foundation corner stone upon which all GWI paradigm and treatment protocols are based. Our specialists here are responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the functional cellular medicine treatment regimes that GWI employs in dealing with all kinds of ailments, chronic diseases and ill-health conditions.

These experts work closely and hand-in-hand with the rest of the GWI collaborative teams of experts, to meet the needs of patients, in terms of appropriate treatment protocols, from the very start of a patient’s treatment through their journey toward full recovery and wellness. Our specialists also enlist the cooperation and support of patients’ family, relative and friends are form part of rounded picture of state of well-being. They hand all patient cases; both present and new.

GWI Curative Wellness Centre
Road 6B, Flora Adenuga Street,
Lekki Scheme 2, Lekki, Lagos.

Phone Number+ (234) 818 – 146 – 2994
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Expert Roles

  1. Treatment Development
  2. Procedure Implementation
  3. Treatment Monitoring

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