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Quantum Medicine Doctors

Quantum Medicine Doctors

GWI has a number of practitioners with specialty in quantum medicine. The field of quantum medicine is only just beginning to be recognized by Western medicine, yet the role of energy and resonance in healing modalities are remarkably fascinating and well founded in scientific arena. From this field of knowledge, it has been observed and established that all organisms and living cells (cell is the basic unit of life) give off and absorb energy at various vibratory frequencies and qualities.

The particular pattern of emission and absorption of energy of these organisms result in an exhibition of healthy state or that of illness, depending on whether that vibratory frequency or energy harmonizes with disease state or not.

Consequently with the aid of quantum medicine, the “bio-energy” modality of healing at cellular level is able to be applied to a state of illness in order to bring about a re-balance and a quick return to a state of good health. It’s this area of GWI practice in conjunction with functional cellular medicine experts that heavily employs novel medical devices geared toward healing and curative abilities of the living cells.

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