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Registered Nutritionists

Registered Nutritionists

It is well established fact that 92% of all diseases are essentially due to mineral deficiency (i.e. nutrition and diet related). It is therefore shouldn’t surprise anyone GWI approach to treating illnesses and diseases is anchored to nutrition as a central pillar.

Our team of nutritionists therefore form the essential core skills needed to deliver rapid recovery and wellness maintenance post illness recovery. GWI brings together an array of practitioners who are not only qualified in the field but are also  ever increasing and polishing their knowledge and competence through various research work and continuous development activities.

GWI patients benefits from their insight and wealth of experience especially in relation to alkaline and acidic foods. These diet and nutrition experts take part in the development of patient specific healthcare plan and implementation.

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  1. Treatment Development
  2. Procedure Implementation
  3. Treatment Monitoring

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