Most people are familiar with prescription medications and many too are familiar with herbal medicine especially within their local settings. Also the conventional approach to treating illnesses and diseases are generally known by the populace. However, few of us truly know about the modalities of operation of plant-based cellular medicine. Many are somewhat confused about the validity and substance of any kind of treatment that are based on the use of botanical, perhaps thinking it to be a kind of spiritism. This can make it very difficult for people to make informed decisions as to available treatment alternatives they can explore when dealing with a medical condition.


The purpose of this blog post is to present a well rounded overview of what botanical based functional cellular medicine is as it applies to the services available within GWI Curative Wellness. And in order to do real justice to this subject matter, we would look at what plant based cellular medicine is, and why we termed it functional.  In essence, we would cover the what, the why and the how of this approach to dealing with illnesses and diseases, especially chronic and severe.

The What?

Functional Cellular Treatment, for all intention and practical purposes, is the treatment approach that tackles disease or illness from the level of the basic unit of life; the cell. In other words, the method of treating medical conditions goes beyond alleviating the symptoms of the ill-health conditions but goes much more deeper by focusing on the basic characteristics and functions of living cells and the root cause of their becoming diseased. And because we have various cell types, some differentiated while some are undifferentiated, to perform specific and non-specific tasks within the body parts and organs,  taking cognisance of this when dealing with devising treatment of diseases are what the functional aspect of the methodology is implying.

For this treatment modality to work, we must have not only adequate knowledge and understanding of the living cells and their disease states, we must also be well equipped with the fundamental aspects of the chemical, biological and electrical signatures of this basic unit of life. Using plants (botanical) that provide the best possible bio-available raw materials with the correct chemical affinity for the living cells is what is termed and referred to as ‘Botanical Based Functional Cellular Treatment Protocol’.


The Why?

To answer the question about why this approach is very effective, providing a credible alternative to conventional treatment, we have to go back to the basics of living matter. The basic has to be reviewed in the context of what constitute life and how it is sustained. The question also must deal the duality of the matter, those of cellular and botanical treatment.

A living cell, be it that of plant or animal, is essentially created and sustained from raw materials found within the earth. The highly complex actions and activities of a living cell to divide, differentiate and associate in order to form the complex body parts and functions are closely associated with Bio-chemical principles that are governed by electrical characteristics resulting in various affinities, either of attraction or repulsion in nature. Therefore disease can be said to be imbalance, disruption or mutation of proper activities of a living cell. And for a treatment approach to work well at this unit of life, one must respect the structure of this unit and work in harmony with its designed natural disposition as to how it employs basic raw materials to sustain life and ward off the undesirable facets of life that challenge its continued existence.

The bias toward the use of botanical in addressing disease, the imbalance of a living cell, is centred on the principle of chemical affinity and either a substance is electrical or not. Before a substance or raw material can be used in treating cellular imbalance or disease, the substance has to be electrical, having a complete natural structure otherwise it won’t be easily assimilated by the body or the cell in particular because of lack of affinity. An example of this fact is well demonstrated when one takes synthetic iron supplement to address iron deficiency, the body predominantly reject this, passing this out in excrement, because of incomplete structure and lack of chemical affinity of the synthetic iron with the body. Whereas when plant derived iron fluorine is used, this bio-available natural material is quickly absorbed by the body due to its chemical affinity and complete structure.

The reason why plant-based cellular therapies work very well is in essence that of the undeniable truth that life comes out of life. As it is also well known and established in modern science that the wide varieties of plant and animal life we see on earth is due to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (C/H/O) elements from which the living things are made. It is also an unbreakable law that only God can integrate these three elements to create life. Therefore for true healing to take place and treatment of disease to be effective, the raw materials needed by the cells and consequently the body to correct imbalance and repair damages must be taken from the primary sources of life on earth, the natural plants.

It must be stressed here though that the word natural plant is not used lightly but with great emphasis in the sense that not all plants are beneficial with respect to the required chemical affinity based on electrical nature of the plant. Hybrid plants, though may have their own usefulness, are generally of incomplete structure due to cosmic violation. The creator of life clearly states that “everything according to its kind”. Therefore cross breeding and hybridising different kinds and species inherently will pose a detrimental effects on living cells ingesting these unnatural substances. The caveat then must be said to be the use of natural alkaline botanical (plants). The infinite wisdom woven by the creator of life with a living cell is the fundamental truth that makes this treatment modality to work very well; in effect, it is always the body (the living cell) that heals itself of infirmities and diseases.


The How

Now that we know why this approach works as explained above, it is fairly straight forward then to explain how the method works, since we have gained an insight and better understanding of those fundamental features that were explained under the why.

In the approach of dealing with an illness or a disease, the primary role of a functional cellular medicine physician is to determine the characteristics  of the underlying issues at play resulting in the disease state, and provide the body with the correct raw materials with chemical affinity and electrical properties such that the associated diseased cells within the body parts can be repaired or replaced by the body through a healing process.

Take for example a patient suffering from sickle cell anaemia and going through a series of chronic sickle cell crisis. When such a case comes in, the physician with expertise in this treatment methodology first tries to determine the severity of the condition, fully being aware that the primary root cause of this condition is chronic iron deficiency. He also knows that the only iron intake that has chemical affinity with the human body that is absorbed quickly and easily within the body is a bio-available iron fluorine that is derived from plant. He applies his knowledge of cells that the main reason why red blood cells will have sickle formation is due to the iron deficiency, and also knowing the life cycle of red blood cells (production and death), allows him to also gauge the length of time for which to apply the intake of iron fluorine to correct the condition.

Another example that could be used in demonstrating how this treatment method works is that of a female with fibroids or irregular menstrual cycle problem (which is a classic disease springing from hormonal imbalance). Hormonal imbalance in female (and also in male) is largely due to mineral deficiency. Identifying the minerals that are deficient in the body and the degree or severity of the deficiency, giving rise to the condition of the hormonal imbalance is that treatment task the physician needs to carry out. Once the body is supplied with the right botanical materials in the right quality and quantity, the embedded wisdom built within a living cell will kick in to carry out the needed curative works, returning the body into a state of sound health.

In summary, the botanical cellular therapy works by the body taking the appropriate curative actions needed to return the body to balance and healthy state because the body is supplied with the fundamental raw materials the living cells are capable of using to carry out their function of repair, replacement and growth. No medical doctors or experts can beat the ability, wisdom and capability of the living cells to repair themselves and return to a state of balance and well-being.



Though conventional medical treatment based on pharmaceutical medication has its own place within the overall healthcare programme, but making it the only viable proposition for dealing with disease and illness is not only dangerous but also counter productive to the overall goal of wellness and healthy living, especially now that more and more real life cases and factual evidence are coming into the lime light, confirming that plants based treatment approach to treating diseases, including those classed as chronic, terminal and incurable diseases, is credible.

The only other way you can confirm this to be a viable treatment option is to go through the regime and prove things to yourself from personal experience and testimonial. The simple truth is plant-based treatment therapies work.


“To Your Good Health and Disease Free Living,”


Dare Awobiyi,

Chief Executive.

GWI Curative Wellness,

Lekki, Lagos.

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