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Protocols Manufacturing Technologists

Protocols Manufacturing Technologists

GWI houses a specialist group responsible for the actual manufacturing of all our bespoke treatment protocols. We are trained personnel with expertise and hands-on knowledge of all the equipment and machines that are employed within the GWI platform of bespoke production and packaging of patients treatment therapies.

Our Background Qualifications;

 Medical Devices Operation
 Laboratory Technology
 Herbal Medicine
 Diet and Nutrition

GWI Curative Wellness Centre
Road 6B, Flora Adenuga Street,
Lekki Scheme 2, Lekki, Lagos.

Phone Number+ (234) 818 – 146 – 2994
+ (234) 814 – 586 – 1036

Department E-mail

Expert Roles

  1. Treatment Development
  2. Procedure Implementation
  3. Treatment Monitoring

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