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Registered Holistic Health Practitioners

Registered Holistic Health Practitioners

This role takes the lead in the holistic approach that GWI adopts in dealing with illnesses and diseases, looking at underlying imbalances and root-causes of an illness, taking cognizance of the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of diseases with the aim of achieving healing and wellness in the shortest time period possible.

Many of our practitioners have medical background training and experience but specializing in the holistic medicine. Our combined years of post-qualification experience exceeds 50 years.

GWI Curative Wellness Centre
Road 6B, Flora Adenuga Street,
Lekki Scheme 2, Lekki, Lagos.

Phone Number+ (234) 818 – 146 – 2994
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Expert Roles

  1. Treatment Development
  2. Procedure Implementation
  3. Treatment Monitoring

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